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The Mom In Me

The Mom In Me

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Stories and Practical Advice from Moms Who have Survived Parenting. 


I’ve heard it said that being a mom is like watching your heart walk around outside of your body. No matter howprotective we are there are somethings guaranteed to be out of our control. Yet, as mothers, we put on our bravefaces and we set out to conquer and overcome whatever challenges motherhood throws our way. Twenty-one valiant moms have collaborated to share how they have pushed through and survived seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Being a mom isn’t about being perfect. I promise you, there is no perfect mom on this earth. Whatyou will see in the pages of this book is the strength, determination, and courage of these incredible mom’s, told through the experiences they have endured along one of the most daring journeys we as women can ever attempt - Motherhood.

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