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Of all the things I have endured in this life, the one that means the most is CHOSEN!

AJ Riley


Meet Andrea

Mother, Servant Leader, #1 best selling author, and International Keynote Speaker

Chosen to live. Chosen to heal. Chosen to be delivered.

Chosen to testify to help others heal. 

As a single mother who has worked tirelessly to build a successful career and a stable household. Do I always get everything right? Nope, but I enjoy sharing my journey to Salvation, Freedom, through Depression, life lessons, and educational knowledge to help others on this journey.

Parenthood is hard. Throw in being single, a child with special abilities, depression, military life, furthering your education and a career in there, and hunnie it is bound to have you up at night and in tears. The journey to raising kids, college, career is a long one. There can be times as single parents we feel alone and stretched to the limit. Being able to not only manage but understand each season is for a reason. That my friend is where it all begins! 

All Things Mental Health

You are worthy. You are loved.

You are made in God's image! ​No Shame! No Blame!

Check out the National Institute of Mental Health's website for an abundance of information in various areas of mental including resources, statistics & studies. 
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