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Fostering Partnership, Advocacy & Resourceful Education.

Meet AJ Riley 

She is a Mother, Servant Leader, Veteran, Mental Health Professional & Advocate, International Speaker, 4X Best Selling and Five Star reviewed Author.


She is also an International Best Selling Author with five published works, including her personal testimony, “Valley to Victory,” regarding her journey and recovery with Chronic Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal Ideations, food addiction and trauma recovery, Documentation Specialist and conceptual reformist. 

She is an expert in various areas including but certainly not limited to; Documentation Creation and Revision, Resource based Educational presentation, Peer Review and Author Coaching.

We are not defined by the journey but how we handle the journey and how we return to help others in their journey.- AJ Riley 

Book Testimonials

"The Mom In Me"
Chapter: Mommy Is Depressed

...full of raw, honest emotion from women from many walks of life. I am amazed at how brave and powerful these women are in sharing their stories. I would definitely recommend this for any momma or momma-to-be!  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was much like some of the dark places in my life. I cried , laughed and thanked God that we were both able to endure everything that we had been through. It’s a very good book for anyone that doubts the true power of surrendering Your all to God and not leaning on your own strength and understanding.

Changing the Conversation

Speaker | Panelist

AJ is on this journey herself. Let her share her journey to help you.

This energetic, passionate mother shares specialized training, motivational speeches/conversations, testimonial books as well as one on one conversations in all areas of single parenthood, parenting on the spectrum, depression and parenting while depressed. 

Areas of Focus

Parenting on the Spectrum
Educational Partnering on the Spectrum: Teachers and Parents
Suicide Awareness and Prevention
Depression Recovery: Freedom to Live Again
Recovering From Narcissist Abuse
Co-parenting with a Narcissist

You are not alone! 


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